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healthy and delicious food for your taste buds

Here's the problem: eating healthy is not fun for most of us.  We imagine what "going on a DIET" looks like, and all we can see if restriction.  Berries and tree bark.  Chicken until we can't do chicken anymore...followed by more chicken.

At Healthy Obsession, if you aren't looking forward to eating your next meal or snack, you're not doing it right! Not only do we encourage you to make nutrition and cooking easier, we work hard to point you toward a path that marries "healthy and delicious!"  Your taste buds and body may finally agree with each other!  

We also believe healthy cooking should be easier, so cooking doesn't take 25 hours a day.  Simple recipes that have loads of flavor and make eating fun for you and your body...that's where we live!

lock in to great nutrition

If you want an official word on nutrition, here it is. We believe food is designed to feed the body, heal the body, and satisfy the body. When you  get locked in with your nutrition plan, things change dramatically and quickly. Knee pain may go away, cranky shoulders and other aches tend to calm down. One client who suffers from fibromyalgia is now pain-free...and we believe nutrition is the central cog in that amazing health change.  

There are plenty of great nutritionists out there, so we don't need to reinvent their wheel (nor should we).  We point you toward great resources from geniuses of nutrition, provide accountability to make sure your plan is created, then encourage you and hold you accountable to make sure you execute the plan that was created.


At Healthy Obsession, we have food rules.  Here they are:

Healthy Food Rule #1: We must enjoy the food we eat!  If we don't enjoy it, we won't stick with it for very long...which means any progress on health goals won't be sustainable.  We gotta love our food!

Healthy Food Rule #2: We must plan our food in advance!  You know why horses aren't distracted as they run around a horse track?  All they can see is the goal.  It's so much easier to win when all you can see is the goal!  A weekly food plan is the single most important piece of positive health change.  If we plan our food in advance (even the bonus  meal...which is where we have a lot of food fun), we are on track to win!  If we don't make a plan in advance, it is INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT to win.  We help our clients plan their food so they are in position to win!

Healthy Food Rule #3: We must eat foods our body can recognize.  Processed foods are a killer.  When the ingredient label has 52 ingredients, and most of which are crazy compounds we cannot pronounce...our body is going to have a hard time turning that nutrition impostor into anything of value for us. 

Healthy Rood Rule #4: Earn a bonus, but don't cheat.  What do we do with the unhealthy foods we love, that are a part of how we celebrate or spend time with friends and family?  We earn the opportunity to have them...once a week. 

We call it the bonus meal!  IF we build a weekly food plan and execute that plan to a high level (no chips when we planned for those yummy Paleo short ribs recipe we were dying to cheats!), THEN we earn the opportunity to eat what we want for an evening.  So we don't fire and foods...we just quarantine enough so we can actually see the results that we deserve to see from our hard work!


For those who choose to partner with us on nutrition accountability, we laugh all the way to the scale, tape measure, or that one pair of jeans you've been hanging on to just in case. We work with you to explore your healthy food preferences and provide support as a meal plan is built that fits your life. We show you who we look to to make cooking a little healthier and a little easier. Before you know it, you have a nutrition plan in place.  When it comes time to execute, we are right there to provide the encouragement, tough love, and reminders you need to keep doing what you planned to do for yourself.

Confession: Even the best nutrition plans have nutritional holes. For this reason, it may makes sense to discuss with someone if and when vitamins and supplements could be a fit. A quality multivitamin, fiber, or fish oil may help facilitate meaningful health change more quickly. Some clients who work with Healthy Obsession desire to reduce or eliminate the need for medications. We know who to go to for a conversation about which supplements may make sense to present to your doctor, and how these may be instrumental in helping you get the doctor's approval to "graduate" from taking your medications.

At the end of the day, we love what we eat, and our body does too!