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Who does Healthy Obsession love to partner with?  We have helped people from all walks of life - just like you. Many of our clients have health and fitness goals like reducing knee pain, reducing or eliminating prescription meds, and getting healthy.  

Are you a good fit for us? 

As a personal trainer in Plymouth, MN, we partner with people of all shapes and sizes around the Twin Cities metro area. Whether you are just getting started or want to tweak your fitness routine, we can help you achieve success with your health and fitness goals. Some of our ideal clients include: 

Plymouth, MN weight loss coaching

weight loss

Bring us your pounds -we'll help you get rid of them! We work with clients who are finally ready to lose the weight or are struggling with a limitation like knee pain. Through our customized game plan, some of our best clients include adults 30 years old or older with 30 or more pounds to lose.  

Plymouth, MN Injury Recovery

injury recovery

You can recover from your injury and get back to your life. Whether you were active pre-injury or want to live an injury-free life going forward, we can help you get active and heal at the same time. 

Personal Training for Seniors

personal training for seniors

Here at Healthy Obsession, we love to work with seniors. As your body ages, our personal training for seniors can help you experience reduced joint pain, maintain freedom, and remain active. 

Plymouth, MN  Post Pregnancy personal training

pre and post pregnancy training

Whether you just found out you're pregnant (congratulations!) or are ready to shed your pregnancy weight, we're here to help! We partner with moms of all ages who want to set health and fitness goals during pregnancy and after giving birth.  

plymouth, mn health coach

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