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Getting healthy can be maddening at times!  The scale has it out for you, the workouts don't result in meaningful change, and even the dog won't touch the "healthy food" you are told you should learn to love.  At Healthy Obsession, we feel your pain.  We can fix your fitness and convince your taste buds that healthier means tastier! As a Plymouth, MN personal trainer offering in-home fitness training, nutrition coaching, and the occasional weight loss challenges in the Champlin, MN area, we find creative ways to engage you in your health journey to make healthier more fun...and easier.

The struggle is real.
— Emma, age 1

Get Fit Fast with in-home personal training

When your body seems to be on strike and the weight just isn't coming off, it's time to mix it up. You need the one-two punch of a personal trainer and nutrition coach rolled into one. As a Plymouth, MN personal trainer and nutrition consultant, I partner with you to help you win with fitness, nutrition and supplement goals. Conveniently, I work with you at home or at the gym to get you back on top and living your best life. 

your healthy solution for chronic knee pain

Most likely, you're experiencing some knee or joint pain. You've consulted your doctor or know you should make an appointment. Your prescription: get healthy, get active, get back on track. But how does one get active with chronic knee pain? What should we eat to get back on track? Sometimes it is very hard to know what working through pain should look like.  Healthy Obsession can deliver the rehabilitative fitness you need (with video instruction to boot!) to get you back on track.  We can partner with you to shorten your road to recovery...and maybe even get you pain-free!

ready to crush your health goals? 

I get text messages and phone calls every week from clients who CANNOT BELIEVE how amazing they feel and how awesome it is to hit their health goal!  I always say, "Give me two weeks!" In two weeks we can get in, get going, and get results. They aren't ridiculous results (Rome wasn't built in a day), but it is the type of start where you can see where your body is going. You get excited, you are motivated and we are well on our way to good health.  If you are ready to crush your health goals,  you've come to the right place.  We make it happen with our clients!


Paleo salted maple latte

Nutritious, made delicious


health coaching in minneapolis

You're ready to get healthy

How we get there

When you're ready to get healthy, you need to start somewhere. At Healthy Obsession, we've created a simple health coaching process to help you jump start your health, reduce your join paint, and get back to active living. To get going, it looks like this...

In home personal training

it's all about you

First, we learn about you. We discuss your health history, learn a bit about what makes you tick (encouragement, tough love, or 80's rock), and your exercise or nutrition preferences. We mix these ingredients with your health and fitness goals, and let it marinate for a day. 

nutrition consulting

let's get cooking

Next, we start cooking both literally and figuratively. We send you our personal training starter packet, beginner recipe list, and invite you  to join our private Facebook page for special clients like you. We start scheduling workouts with you and gradually bring you up to speed. Don't worry! We match your fitness capabilities to the perfect amount of fitness intensity. 

Plymouth, MN Fitness Trainer

get your game plan

We supplement your workout sessions with a video summary of your workout that we e-mail directly to you. We want to make it easy for you to execute without us. After our first month, we stop to take a breath.  We measure our results, see what needs adjusting, and press on toward the goal!  

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