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Adam's story

Plymouth, MN Personal Trainer

Together, we can make your personal training experience a success. My own experience in getting back my healthy life may be just like your story. From a challenging family health history and living a busy life, I came to point where I needed to make a change. I can relate to your knee pain and wanting to get back to being active. My story has led me to help clients like you for over 13 years. 

early aspirations

It was like I couldn't miss. Every shot finding the net. And with each shot I hit, another person stopped to watch. 

First one, then three, then seven. The night before my big tryout, I was drawing quite the audience to an empty Williams Arena on campus at the University of Minnesota. Little did I know, I was shooting in front of the coaching staff for the men's basketball team. 

Eventually an assistant coach came to talk with me. He asked where I was from, why I was shooting hoops in a darkened "Barn" (the famous nickname for our arena), and what my basketball aspirations were. After our conversation, I knew I had the inside track for a walk-on spot on the Minnesota Gopher basketball team. 

Or so I thought. At the tryout, it was revealed that my shooting skills could not compensate for my slight frame and lack of explosiveness. I was too slow and too skinny for Big Ten basketball. And it killed me!  

I had eaten the steaks, drank the shakes, lifted weights, and ran the sprints. I worked on ball handling, defense, and shooting. I did everything in my power to get my body ready to play Big Ten basketball, but it wasn't enough. The pain of falling short of my dream was immense, and I started to study health and fitness to see where I went wrong or fell short. 

my passion for health

A short time after my basketball dream faded, I got a call that would forever change my path (personally and professionally). My dad was in the hospital. He was going into emergency surgery. I rushed home to be with him, and came home to learn he had what cardiologists call "The Widow Maker"...which is a massive (and usually fatal) blockage in his heart. A quintuple bypass followed (yes, five bypasses!). My dad, way too young to die, had major heart surgery...just like his dad. 

Was I going to turn out like my dad? Was I destined for bypass surgery? Getting healthy became a passion. I read books, went to seminars, watched videos, took college courses. As a result, I started making significant changes. For the first time in my life, I didn't want to be in shape. It was time to become HEALTHY!

Making Healthy easier

As I poured myself into becoming healthy, I became more passionate about the way our bodies work. I began to study fitness and nutrition day and night. My physique began to change dramatically. My energy exploded and my confidence increased. Soon, people started asking for my help with their health, and I became excited about the idea of learning enough to be able to help them. 

Soon after the requests for my help started pouring in, I earned my first personal trainer certification. Then another, and another after that. I began to partner with people. What was once a passion became an obsession...a healthy obsession. 

Thirteen years later, Healthy Obsession, LLC continues to partner with people to help them make healthier easier.  

we value you and some other things

Values-We value honesty!  We're not about painting a pretty picture and living in the land of make believe. Instead, we pursue honesty as a vehicle to hold ourselves more accountable to you - the people we serve. No one who works with Healthy Obsession should look back on their experience with us and feel that we didn’t do our best to be honest. We want you to feel like it's safe to be honest with us about what is going on in your life, not so we can shame you, but so that we can identify ways to fix what isn’t working and better lead you on a path of strong health.

We value walking our talk. Maybe it’s health integrity or a fancier buzz word, but at the end of the day it better be apparent to you that Healthy Obsession employees are pursuing making healthy easier in their own life. We are not superiors in health, but merely people who are inviting others to join us on a compelling pursuit of becoming consistently healthier individuals.

We focus on helping people make measurable health change (the kind your doctor can see in your blood work), and we win. We win a lot!