Diabetes In Check!

“When I started working with Adam, my blood sugar level (A1C) with insulin was 7.9 and my weight was moving in the wrong direction.  In four months, my A1C count dropped to 6.0, I lost 20 lbs, and my doctor is ready to eliminate my insulin!"

-Andrea L.

16-Year Low on Scale

“The fitness, nutrition, and supplementation help I received from Adam helped me see a number on the scale I hadn't seen in 16 years!"

-Beth J. 


My Hip Pain is Gone

“I've had hip pain debilitating hip pain for years.  In just two months time of working with Adam, my hip pain is virtually gone.  It's the best I've felt in years. Thanks for all you do, Adam!”

-Bill S.

No More Meds!!!

“Adam's game plan to eliminate my cholesterol meds worked perfectly.  I cleared it with my doctor, then went to work with Adam.  In response to what my doctor calls a 'miraculous change', I am now off my meds.  THANK YOU!"”

-Don W.