plymouth, mn fitness training

gps for your health

point your body in a healthy direction

When your ready to make the fitness move, our Plymouth, MN Fitness Training can help!  We can get started with in home personal training or at the gym - it's up to you. 

Plymouth, MN  Fitness trainer

it starts with muscle

Here's the truth: Building muscle is the name of the game.  A muscle cell burns 70% more calories than a fat cell.  The more muscle we add, the more calories we can burn while we sleep, work, and play. 

At Healthy Obsession, we aren't into making our clients look beefy or like they are the type of person to flex their bicep as they point in a direction and say, "The pool is THAT way."  We want to build functional muscle that your body can use to help you continue to do the things you love. The foundation for our fitness training starts with helping you build muscle. 

Plymouth, MN Personal Trainer

your fitness foundation

When we work with a client on fitness, it is gradual transition from teaching to training. The first few sessions are work, but they are rooted in body mechanic teaching: how the body needs to move to perform certain exercises, what that feels like, and what technique cues will remind you to correctly perform the exercise consistently.  

After a fitness foundation has been established and fundamental movements have been taught, we transition toward training (as in, "It's go time!").  It's not attempted murder, it's just tough work to make you stronger.  From increased energy to amazing stress relief, a great workout impacts how we feel and points our body in a healthier direction.

Plymouth, MN In home personal training

kettlebells and more

We lift weights, employ battle ropes, push sleds, punch and kick stuff, use TRX straps, grab a kettlebell, and flip tires (at the right time, for those who are ready). Bottom line, we keep it fresh and have a lot of fun. Then one day you look in the mirror and see something new...muscles!

So grab that "hope I fit into these" pair of jeans you've been hanging onto because you may need them soon!