Bill S., 71 years old

Personal Training Testimonial: Bill Schafer, 71 years old

Greetings from an active septuagenarian. My name is Bill, age 71.  My goal is to live an engaged and independent life for as long as possible. As a young adult, I saw my parents and most of my older relatives decline physically in their sixties - if they lived that long. Their lives began to shrink and close in with increased physical limitations. I knew exercise and diet along with lifestyle and genetics were key factors in remaining physically active. However, I really wasn't able to put it all together and build a plan for improvement - until I began working with Adam Erwin. 

Personal Trainer for Seniors Plymouth, MN


Creating A Personal Training Plan

I had worked with other personal trainers before. However, Adam listened to my goals, understood the impact of my osteoarthritis on joint pain, and is aware of age-related body changes. He has developed an exercise program with these factors in mind - to increase the muscular support of joints and not do exercises which irritate or cause additional pain. The first question I am asked at the beginning of my training session is: "What hurts today"? He then has modified  his planned set of exercises to not agravate the situation/ cause more pain.


My Personal Training Results

I have worked with Adam for almost 2 years now. I now average 5 pounds below the weight indicated on my driver's license instead of 5 pounds above. I am physically stronger, better coordinated, and feel better. I can do routine household chores which involve use of 6 foot step ladders, multiple trips up and down stairs without resting or fear of falling. I can easily pick up a wiggly 1 yr old grand son from the floor without landing on my face or dropping him. I am better able to react quickly to unsure outside footing caused by ice and snow and thereby reduce the risk of falling. I am in better shape to bicycle, take hiking vacations, and downhill ski.


Personal Training is worth the investment! 

Has it been worth the financial investment for me? You bet/ most certainly! It has been one of the best investments I have ever made.


In Conclusion: Being in good physical conditions allows me to enjoy life more than I would otherwise. I want to stay away from using walkers and wheel chairs for as long as possible. I want to be able to steadily climb the stairs at home and at church. I want to do things for myself when and how I want to and not wait to be cared for by someone else. Will that happen eventually? Probably but likely not anytime soon - thanks to Adam.

Mark Zubert