Minneapolis Personal Trainer on Bad Feet, Bad Knees, and Bad Backs!

Three "Outside the Box" Options When You Have Had it With Your Joints


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Now, back to the blog...

As a personal trainer in the Twin Cities, I've seen my fair share of long-suffering clients walk through the door with worn out and torn up joints.  From "football knees" to ineffective reconstructive foot surgery to bad backs, I have been fortunate to share some secrets with clients and watched as their out-of-whack body part became healthy.  Here are three of my favorite suggestions to people suffering from joint pain.

Personal Trainer "Bad Feet, Bad Knees, Bad Back" Suggestion #1: Z-Coil Footwear

Many people I talk to have seen Z-Coils...they have a unique look to them...and they are highly effective footwear.  The coil/spring on the heel of the foot cushions each step, so much so that it cuts the impact in half on your feet, knees, and back.  To your joints, it feels like you instantly lost half your body weight. 

A current client of mine was in a major car accident and had three reconstructive surgeries on her foot.  She's hobbled around in a velcro boot for the last two years!  Her unusual foot shape (an unpleasant by-product of her surgeries) has not allowed her to wear shoes since her accident.  I took her to Sprongs in Minneapolis (go to zcoil.com to find the dealer closest to you) and my client was fitted with a pair of Z-Coils.  Three weeks later she is walking all over the place, even up flights of stairs, which she has not done for over two years!  I have many Z-Coil stories like that. 

If your back, knees, or feet hurt a lot, start by taking care of your feet.  It's always good to start from the ground up!

Personal Trainer "Bad Feet, Bad Knees, Bad Back" Suggestion #2: Replenex!

I have tried a lot of products to soothe joints.  Some have been highly effective, some have been cost effective.  Replenex is the only product I have found that is highly effective and cost effective. 

A football buddy of mine had surgery on his torn ACL a few years back.  Every time we played football, he had to load up on ibuprofen before and after, along with lots of ice afterward...and he still felt pain!  Then I came upon a product called Replenex, with has glucosamine hydochloride, bromelain, ginger root extract, and green tea extract.  I gave Tony a bottle to try and he no longer has any knee pain at all.  It's been three months and he is completely pain free.  No more ibuprofen, no more ice, no more pain....and he still plays football!  All this for around $12 a month!

If you would like to know how to get your hands on some, email me (adam@keepyourbetterhalf.com) and I would be glad to help!  Whatever you do, stay away from discount stores for your joint needs.  Replenex may be cost effective, but it is a specialty product...which is why you can't find it everywhere.

Personal Trainer "Bad Feet, Bad Knees, Bad Back" Suggestion #3: A Trusty Chiroprator

Some chiropractors are very, very good.  Carpal tunnel, migraines, ADHD...the good ones can fix even the most difficult of nervous system issues.  If you are in the Twin Cities, you need to get in touch with Dr. Mark Schulz.  His mobile chiropratic care is phenomenal.  Check him out at www.tpmihealthcare.com. In other metro locations, go to bni.com to find a local chiropractor who is well-respected in your community.

If your joints are beat up, it is high time to address the pain.  The longer you wait, the more your body is forced to compensate, and the more beat up you will become.  Explore these three suggestions to help alleviate your achy joints.

Adam Erwin is an in-home personal trainer who travels the world to work with people who are ready to put excuses aside and work hard to change their body.  Visit www.keepyourbetterhalf.com to learn more about what Adam does, who he works with, and how you can have him come and work with you!  A Minneapolis resident, Adam will work close to home (Eden Prairie, Wayzata, Minnetonka, Edina) or will travel to your location (San Diego, Miami, Phoenx, Sidney Australia) to work with you.