Minneapolis Personal Trainer Advises: Do a Cleanse Now!

Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Prepare Your Body for Christmas and New Years!

So you just had amonster Thanksgiving.  You were already overweight, and you just added a few pounds.  With holiday treats surrounding you, more weight is almost a certainty by Christmas.  And don't even think about the impact New Year's will have on your body.

The calendar can make the calories pretty cruel this time of year.  The best way to fight back is to do a cleanse now.  Doing a cleanse now has three major benefits:

Cleanse Benefit #1: Lose Weight Now

Cleanse Benefit #2: Repair Your Body Before You Send it Through Holiday Season

Cleanse Benefit #3: Boost Your Immune System, Be More Energetic, and Change Your Cravings

Part of my job as a personal trainer is to lead my clients through the nutrition and supplemental steps to maximize their success.  I'm leading a few of my clients through a cleanse right now.  If I were training you (if you are serious about body change in '09, go to keepyourbetterhalf.com and read about what I do, then email me! I'd love to answer your questions and talk about how I may be able to help you change the direction of your health and your life!), this is what I'd have you do.

Personal Trainer Cleanse Tip #1: Get the Cleanse that Addresses Your Biggest Need

Some people may be experiencing significant digestive issues (daily upset stomach, bad bowel movements, or no bowel movements!).  If that is you, a colon cleanse or digestive tract cleanse may be right for you.  Getting rid of the excess in your system and cleaning it out will help to repair the entire system.  There are several great colon cleanses.  If you'd like help picking one, I'd be glad to help!

If you are super low on energy and constantly getting sick, going after impurities in the blood is your best bet.  There are many cleanses that touch up on everything, and these tend to help out the blood the most.  The Complete Body Cleanse at GNC is a good one for those of you with energy issues (or those of you who have been eating clean).

Some of you may have celebrated Halloween until Thanksgiving started, and now have an early jump on New Years.  If alcohol is your go-to beverage, a liver cleanse is probably overdue.  There are a few really good ones out there.  If you'd like help picking one out, send an email to adam@keepyourbetterhalf.com.  Whatever you do, pick a cleanse to fit your biggest need.

Personal Trainer Cleanse Tip #2: Drink Water Only

You cannot imagine the difference it would make if you did a cleanse and drank only water during that time.  No beer, no soda, no juice.  Just water.  Your body would feel so incredibly good!  Water is the ticket to a successful cleanse.  Be sure to buy filtered water, processed by reverse osmosis if possible (the label will tell you what type of processing was used).

Personal Trainer Cleanse Tip #3: Eat Clean

This is probably common sense (as is #2), but the benefits cannot be overstated.  If you took out processed foods, sugar, yeast, and dairy while you cleansed your body would feel ten years younger by the end of your cleanse.  Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meats from the deli, and maybe an occassional grain (like long grain or brown rice) will help keep unnecessary toxins from entering your body as you cleanse.

If you decide to do a cleanse now (and asked me for help... adam@keepyourbetterhalf.com), you will be amazed at how good you will feel at the end of your cleanse journey!  Do a cleanse now!  Prepare your body for the holiday treats and a tremendous '09.

Adam Erwin is an in-home personal trainer who travels the world to work with people who are ready to put excuses aside and work hard to change their body.  Visit www.keepyourbetterhalf.com to learn more about what Adam does, who he works with, and how you can have him come and work with you!  A Minneapolis resident, Adam will work close to home (Eden Prairie, Wayzata, Minnetonka, Edina) or will travel to your location (San Diego, Miami, Phoenx, Sidney Australia) to work with you.