Boot Camp Success: Tough Workouts, Lose Fat, and Lose Weight

Minneapolis Personal Trainer Brings Best Out of Boot Camp Clients

Personal trainer Adam Erwin might be in Wayzata at daybreak, in Eden Prairie by 10am, Edina at noon, Minnetonka by 3pm, and in his office at night to walk through the next day's plan for his clients.  In addition to spear-heading vigorous workouts for his boot camp clients, he also emails them their daily menu and exercise plan, delivers accountability (sending text messages, emails, and phone calls to his clients throughout the day to make sure the details of each plan are being followed), and walks with his clients through their body change success journey.

One mother of two is down 10% on her body fat test.  A musician is sporting a notch on his belt he hasn't touched in three years.  And a 52 year-old woman who hasn't worn a pair of shoes in over two years (thanks to a car accident and several reconstructive surgeries) is now walking normally up and down stairs in her brand new shoes!

Boot camp might mean weight loss for some clients or "get my life back" for others.  To this personal trainer, it's all about helping his clients live the perfect nutrition and exercise day for as many days as he is hired.

Boot Camp Success: Tough Workouts

When working through one of Adam's boot camps, you may find yourself chopping wood one day, running hill intervals the next day, or swinging kettle bells the day after that.  Few trainers can get the body to respond to a workout like Adam.  If your body is stuck and the same old routine isn't doing the trick, sending an email to should be your next move.

Boot Camp Success: Lose Fat

Many boot camps focus on burning calories at any cost, with little attention to what type of calories are being burned.  Adam is a fat loss expert, one of the few personal trainers who studies how to help the body burn fat through exercise and proper nutrition.  If wearing a heart monitor is your idea of losing fat (or your trainer's idea, yikes!), it's time to send an email to to learn more about how he can help you burn more fat in less time.

Boot Camp Success: Lose Weight

Few things are more exciting than hopping on the scale to see a lower number or looking in the mirror to see less chins.  When nutrition and exercise are built in a way to maximize your day (and then your perfect day is executed for a few weeks in a row), the response from your body can be extraordinary.  If losing weight is the goal of this holiday season, send an email to now!