Stop Drinking Soda Now!

Adam the In-Home Personal Trainer is Tired of Soda Killing Metabolism, Making People Fat, and De-railing Body Composition Progress

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Minneapolis is not the place to be right now if you are a soda drinker.  Adam the in-home personal trainer is going to war with weight-conscious folks who are drinking soda.  Here is another run-through and what soda does to you and why we must cut it out of the game plan when weight loss and fat loss are the goal!

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Stop Drinking Soda Now! Reason #1: Diet Soda Kills Your Metabolism

I've blogged on this before, but it is worth restating: the artificial sweeteners in diet soda confuse your metabolic response to real sugars.  Artificial sweeteners teach your body to not respond metabolically to sweet tastes (be it artificial or real sugar).  So when you consume real sugar, your body learns to simply store it as fat instead of burning it off like it is originally trained to do.  If you can't metabolize sugar effectively, it is virtualy impossible to lose fat and lose weight for the long haul.

Stop Drinking Soda Now! Reason #2: The Amount of Sugars in Non-Diet Soda Is Fat in Waiting

Have you ever drank a 12 oz. can of lard before?  Soda is very close to that.  Pepsi, Coke, and others have 39 grams of sugar per can or more.  It is like putting 9 full tablespoons of sugar into a can of soda.  Yikes!  Your body cannot possibly burn off all that sugar when you consume it, so it gets stored as fat.  You are drinking lard!

Stop Drinking Soda Now! Reason #3: Soda Dehydrates, and Fat Cells Need Hydration

Dehydrated fat cells do not burn well.  Well-hydrated fat cells burn much more effectively!  Anytime you drink coffee or soda or something with caffeine in it, you are doing two things worth re-considering:  1) wasting a chance to hydrate yourself and provide nutrients your body needs.  2) dehyrating your body and robbing fat cells from water they need to effectively be burned off.

Stop Drinking Soda Now! Reason #4: The Toxins in Soda Attack Your Body

We all know that artificial sweeteners attack the nervous system.  What about all the coloring, flavoring, and carbonation in a soda?  Those ingredients attack your body as well.  Your blood stream turns more acidic by drinking soda (and don't get me started on that!), carbonation eats away at lung capacity, and the extra toxins like coloring have no good use in your body.  Every single time we consume soda, we are placing our body under extreme attack!!!  Let the madness cease!

Stop Drinking Soda Now! Summary

We are 70% water, and drinking soda instead of water is like stealing mass amounts of water out of a lake instead of putting water in.  There are few things that are worse to drink than soda (maybe alchohol).  Every single time we consume a beverage, we have an opportunity to improve or deteriorate our health.  Soda has no nutritional value at all, and plays a significant role in worsening our health.  One of the best things we can do to improve our fat loss and weight loss potential is to eliminate soda from the mix!

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