Minneapolis Personal Trainer Addresses Weight-Loss Plateaus

The Five Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Fat and Weight Loss Get Stuck

About 1/3 of my personal training clients are those who had early weight-loss success and then got stuck.  When I work with these people, here are five questions I ask them as we get going...

Weight-Loss Plateau Question #1: How long has it been since you did a cleanse?

If your car was sluggish and not performing very well, you would probably check to see the timing of the last tune-up.  Likewise, your body struggles to perform well and burn fat fuel if it hasn't had a tune up in awhile.  Getting rid of impurities and toxin via a cleanse is a great way to shake lose of a weight-loss plateau.

Your body stores acidic toxins in your fat cells.  If the environment in your body is too toxic to allow fat cells to release acidic toxins into the bloodstream, your body's natural survivalistic function will not allow fat to be burned.  A cleanse, especially one focused on alkaline foods and drinks, can serve as a tune-up for the body and help it to eliminate toxins and burn fat cells more effectively.

Weight-Loss Plateau Question #2:  When was the last time you swung a kettlebell?

Kettlebell workouts are great for fat loss.  They are a different breed...a different brand of workout.  The body needs workout variety to continue to improve.  When was the last time you turned your workouts upside down and did something completely different, like kettlebells?

Weight-Loss Plateau Question #3:  How much water do you REALLY drink every day?

Fat cells need to be well-hydrated to burn effectively.  I have weight-loss-plateau clients measure their water carefully.  It is amazing how little water we drink...and it makes up 70% of our body!  Drinking more water fixes a lot of problems associated with weight loss.

Weight-Loss Plateau Question #4: How much fiber and protein do you consume in a day?

Most people have very little idea how much protein they consume in a day, and absolutely no idea how much fiber they consume in a day.  Fiber and protein have one thing in common: they help the body achieve satisfaction from hunger.  Fiber also escorts toxins out of the body and assists in colon function.  Protein helps repair and build muscle cells (and muscle cells burn 70% more calories than fat cells).    It is important to consume one gram of protein per pound that you want to weigh (eat like you want to be!) and 20-30 grams of fiber per day.

Weight-Loss Plateau Question #5: Is your cardio optimizing fat-burning mechanisms in the body?

When I ask this question I get a blank stare.  Most people don't know how cardio burns fat.  To maximize fat-based weight loss in your cardio workout, make sure to read my others blogs on fat loss to learn about the secret cardio formula that is the world's proven best fat-burning cardio interval.

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