Plymouth Personal Trainer Tips: Healthy Obsession Challenge

What the best way to be successful at the Healthy Obsession Challenge? 

That's what most of my clients ask me.  My answer is the same as my typical routine. 


Every week, I sip some green tea while I crank out menus and recipes.  Just like me, you can invest in your health and do the same. Succeeding at my Healthy Obsession Challenge can be simple. 

Meal Planning is the place to start

If you fail to plan, you may be planning to fail. Invest in you and plan and prepare your meals for the entire week. A one hour investment in planning your meals for the week will go a long way to helping you succeed. 

Get Moving

Once you've planned and prepared your amazing meals for the week, schedule your workouts. Join the Healthy Obsession Challenge community with my group workouts. 

Combining these two quick tips will help you execute your healthiest week, six weeks in a row! 

Interested in locking down the next six week of food and fitness with me? We begin on September 25th. 

I'd love to hear what helps you create success when it comes to your health. Simply comment here as we help each other make healthy easier. 

Adam Erwin