Paleo Breakfast Ideas

What's for breakfast?

Like millions of Americans, many of us are in a rush when it comes to starting our day and getting to work. I recommend paleo breakfast ideas for a quick and easy start to your day. 

Not Your Mama's Breakfast

I typically recommend throwing your ideas about typical breakfast foods out the window.  Yes, there are plenty of paleo options for pancakes and egg bakes. But what if I told you that breakfast can be easier on those rushed mornings? 


Grab some lean protein and veggies and top it with pesto or guac for a great meal. Recently, I put together an amazing breakfast of chicken with zoodles pesto.  Yes for breakfast! It tasted amazing and kept me satisfied for a great and healthy start to my day. 

Consider eating those great tasting non-breakfast items for a meal that satisfies all morning long! 

What is your quick and easy go-to breakfast for staying on plan all day long?  I'd love to hear from you so comment here



Adam Erwin