Plymouth Personal Trainer Meal Planning Tips

My goal with clients is always the same. Let's make healthier easier.  One of the ways we can get stuck is failing to plan our meals for the week.  So here are some quick and easy tips for planning a successful week on plan. 


Set up a meal plan calendar

Find a way to do your planning.  Use an excel worksheet or your day planner and pick your day. I like to use my own meal planning woksheet: 

Evaluate you weekly schedule so you can plan for any unique events. 

Research recipes

One of the best keys to sticking to a meal plan is to keep it filled with foods you love.  Consider a mixture of go-to paleo meals and adding a new recipe or two to your plan. 

Write Everything Down

When we fail to plan, we will plan to fail.  Make sure you have written down everything from your breakfast meal to your late snack.  Knowing what you are going to eat at every meal will help with those derailing, last minute cravings. 

Time To Prep

Once I've got the plan on paper and finished the shopping, I get to work and meal prep for the entire week.  Staying on track is easier on those extra busy days when I can grab all my pre-made meals and snacks as I head out the door. 

Not every week can be a perfect week. Having a meal plan ALWAYS beats not having a meal plan. 

Need help with meal planning? I can help!

Adam Erwin