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I am watching an ABC "Nightline" program that is focusing on a fat camp.  To be more specific, "Nightline" is focusing on a family weight loss camp.  I have no question this camp is doing good work and helping people.  However, in the few minutes of footage being shown, the biggest thing missing from the weight loss camp is this: real life application.

For people who want to truly succeed with a significant body change, here is what they need to consider.

Fat Camp at Home Consideration #1:  Weight Loss Camps Are....Camps

I don't live at a weight loss camp.  You don't live at a weight loss camp.  We live in our home, in a city or town.  We have jobs, we have responsibilities, we have lives.  The biggest problem I have with a fat camp is that, since we don't live at camps, it is unrealistic to expect someone to take a camp lifestyle and integrate it into a daily routine.

For this reason, I created a program that brings me to you.  I come into your life and work with you daily to help change your life in your own habitat.  To be successful with weight loss in the long run, a weight loss camp needs to fit into your everyday life.  I bring my weight loss camp to you so you can succeed in everyday life, and not just at a camp.

Fat Camp at Home Consideration #2:  Weight Loss Camps Cook Your Food for You!

Do you have a chef on hand in your home?  I don't.  My nutrition success or failure falls on me.  The foods I buy and the foods I cook are the foods I consume.  At a camp, most of the foods you consume are not made by you (or purchased by you at the store).  You are served, not taught.

When I travel to someone's home to work with them, I teach them how to cook the best foods for them.  Each meal is a meal you cook, so that you know that you can do it on your own.  A fat camp doesn't afford you that learning opportunity.

The success of your body change is mostly the result of what YOU do.  It's what YOU cook, it's how YOU exercise.  Being catered to at a camp is great customer service, but it is unfortunate disservice to those trying to learn how to incorporate proper foods into their life at home.

Fat Camp Consideration #3:  Weight Loss Camps Do Not Include Customized Exercise

What type of exercise does YOUR body need?  If you are in need of a boot camp experience, it is important to make sure that your exercises are built specifically for your body.

In the "Primetime" exercise footage, some of the exercises being performed at the fat camp were very poorly executed.  Again, it is important to note that I am on board with any person who is helping someone to lose weight, so I'm not bashing the efforts or intentions of the camp.  However, as a personal trainer and as a guy who studies how an overweight body should move, I am not pleased with the execution of the exercises displayed at this camp.

I work with people to make sure their exercises are the built to their needs.  Bad knees, bad backs, or bad feet....how your body moves needs to be build so you can stay healthy and not get hurt.  A fat camp exercise program for teens may be built differently than a fat camp exercise program for an adult.

As the "Primetime" episode closes down, I am really pleased at the results the people experienced.  However, I've helped more people lose more weight in less time (and do it more healthfully!) than what was displayed on the ABC "Primetime" episode.

If you are looking into exploring a fat camp or weight loss camp opportunity, I'd love to talk with you about bringing a camp experience to you so that your success can begin and be maintained in your own home.  If you are interested in exploring a home-based weight loss boot camp, visit rapidresultsfitnessmn.com or send email to adam@rapidresultsfitnessmn.com.

Adam Erwin is a nutrition and fitness coach.  Based in Minneapolis, he travels the United States to help people experience the best food and fitness month of their lives.  His cutting edge online program, Virtual Boot Camp, is helping people lose weight and change their body in record time!