Are You Looking at Your Dairy Error?

The Bottom Line on Why Dairy is Upsetting Your Body

I love dairy.  LOVE DAIRY!  I am to dairy what Buddy the elf is to sugar in "Elf" (candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup!).  Cookies need milk, crackers need cheese, and lattes need whipped cream.  In times of economic uncertainty, I believe ice cream might trump gold as a backup currency.


The truth about dairy is this: our bodies are not made to consume dairy.

Why Dairy Is Upsetting Your Body: We Are Not Cows

Guess what people?  We are people.  The milk we were designed to consume is human breast milk.  The function of cow's milk to to take a 90 lb. baby calf and grow it to 300 lbs over the course of 12 months.  Cow's milk was never intended for human consumption.

In fact, the average human loses their ability to effectively digest cow's milk at age 4.  As our bodies progressively develop the digestive enzymes required for a human diet, we lose our ability to digest milk of any kind....human or otherwise.  It should be no surprise that many people struggle to digest dairy.  We were never intended to ingest it.

In fact, I will go as far to say that digesting dairy stresses our body quite a bit.  Bloating, extra mucus, sluggishness, acne, allergies, asthma, acidity in the body, and even bone density problems can result from consuming dairy. That's right....I just implied that dairy is actually bad for bone density.  Think I'm crazy? Go to and see what they say.  Do a little study on dairy if you really want to know what it does to you.

Bottom line on your dairy error: we are not cows and were not designed to consume cow's milk.

Why Dairy is Upsetting Your Body: Dairy, What Are You, Dense?

I drank 2% milk for a long time.  It's only 2% fat, right.  Wrong.  It's 2% fat by volume, but 35% of the calories in 2% milk are from fat. So...2% milk is really 35% milk with some twisted, marketing-based math.  Every glass of milk is a rush of fat to the body.  Brilliant!

While that is bad, it gets worse.  Consider cheese.  It takes 10 lbs. of milk to make 1 lb. of cheese.  Yikes!  Cheese is a super dense fatty food.  Did that ruin your day?  It ruined my day when I found out.  Remember, I love dairy.

We're not done yet.  Ice cream is super fatty, and butter is 100% fat.  I can't believe I'm not fatter!  Dairy products are dense with fat.

Why Dairy is Upsetting Your Body: Are You Buying a Bowel?

What dairy does to our #2 is not my #1 concern.  Did you know that cow's milk is allowed to have feces in it?  Yuck!  We already know it is full of bacteria.  But we are supposed to be okay with the bacteria in it because all that yucky stuff is pasterrized out, right?  Well...

Milk is typically pasteurized at 162 degree (F) at 15-second intervals.  To kill bacteria in water, it needs to be boiled at 212 degrees (F).  Considering that the amount of bacteria in a glass of milk DOUBLES every 20 minutes when at room temperature, I'm not convinced that the 162 degree pasteurization process does enough.  Just an opinion of mine...

The #1 conclusion is that milk has crazy bacteria in it (oh, but it's the GOOD bacteria, right?) and feces in it to give it that fine after-taste.  Just like dirty water can wreak havoc on the human body, it is tough to imagine that milk is clean enough for our consumption.

Do you see your dairy consumption in a different light now?  The evidence against dairy is pretty overwhelming if you take a look at it.  Dairy causes lots of problems in our body when we consume it.

My challenge to you is this: eliminate dairy consumption for seven days and then consume dairy on the eighth day.  If you do this, I believe you will clearly recognize the errors in your body that dairy causes.

Are you willing to look at your body's dairy error?  The acne, mucus, allergies, bone density, cancer likelihood, arthritis, Alzheimers, depression, and diabetes likelihood inside of you begs you to take a look look at your body's dairy error.

Adam Erwin is a nutrition and fitness coach, based in chilly Minneapolis, MN. (where the lakes are outnumbered only by the taxes).  Adam helps people across the United States to attack the lifestyle problems that are negatively affecting health.  In 2009, his 28-day Virtual Boot Camp program has helped people lose an average of 13 lbs.  To learn more about Adam and how he can help you have the best food and fitness month of your life, send him an email at and also peep