Wellness Tip of the Day: Slice Breads Out of Your Diet!

Losing Weight and That Doughy Figure Involves Re-Evaluating Bread Consumption

Most breads are NOT good for us.  Gluten, the protein type found in bread, is really hard for us to digest (kind of like lactose in dairy products).  Here are a few summary points from a very interesting article I found at this website (http://www.sleepwarrior.com/health-dangers-of-bread-pasta-and-rice).

  • Grains put a huge sugar load on the body while providing little nutrients — something our genes weren’t designed to handle well. This is thought to be primarily responsible for the slew of modern diseases absent in pre-agriculture times. In other words, Grok the caveman never had diabetes.
  • Grains contain crap our bodies don’t know how to handle. It’s no surprise that lectins, phytates, and gluten aren’t handled well by our bodies — for 99.5% of human history, those chemicals didn’t enter the gastrointestinal tract. By contrast, cows can metabolize phytates, but their cows have always fed on grains.

Many of my Virtual Boot Camp clients notice that we have a slice of bread here and there (granted they are the right kinds of breads in the right portions...VBC is 28 days of providing solutions to problems in the American lifestlye), and stick mainly to long-grain rice (which is safe!).  The best bread to buy is Ezekiel bread.  Other breads, particularly gluten-free breads or even totally fresh breads, are better than what we can buy at the store.  Store-bought bread is the worst!  Stay away!  Buy fresh from a bakery or buy Ezekial bread if you must have it.

Adam Erwin, personal trainer and owner of Rapid Results Fitness,  is not a gym rat with an inner-dictator chromosome like some trainers. He's not an organic food junkie who asks my clients to drive all over the metro for a perfectly ripened pomegranate like some nutrition coaches.

He focuses his entire line of work on building food and fitness plans that effectively integrate into lifestyles of busy professionals. He's a food and fitness coach with a fanatical obsession for functional solutions. Not quick fixes, but highly effective solutions that can be accomplished quickly.  His flagship program, Virtual Boot Camp, helps people have the best food and fitness month of their lives!