27 Factors Affecting Fat Loss

Fat-based Weight Loss Comes Down to How You Manage These 27 Factors

Fat-loss is not a one-trick pony.  There is not just one thing to do to burn fat.  Sometimes fat seems to just fall off.  Other times it sticks stubbornly to your mid-section.  If you are stuck with those tough-to-lose fat lbs., take inventory of how you are managing these fat-loss factors.

Factor Affecting Fat Loss #27:  Your Caloric Intake Times

Many people in America backload their calories.  They eat the most amount of food when their body can handle it least effectively.  We need to front-load our calories instead of back-loading them.  Our digestive enzyems and metabolism digest food and use it as fuel more effectively in the morning.  Put most of your calories in the first half of your day and go easy on the last half.

Factor Affecting Fat Loss #12:  Sleep

When we sleep long enough (8 hours isn't the magic number for everyone), our hormones are more in tune, our digestive abilities are improved, and our appetite is more likely to be under control (our bodies translate lack of sleep/repair as a call for more nutrients...which means more food!).  When we catch up on our sleep, we can burn fuel more effectively, keep our belly-fat-producing hormones at bay (cortisol), and eat less.

Factor Affecting Fat Loss #3: A Cleanse

When was the last time you did a cleanse?  Not just colon or liver or blood, any cleanse at all.  We have so much garbage trapped and stored away in our body...it's not even funny.  In my online boot camp program, we do a cleanse during week one.  The feedback I receive is amazing.  I can't believe how flat my stomach is now."  "I have so much more energy!"  "My aches and pains have disappeared!"

It is amazing what a good cleanse will do for you!

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