Personal Trainer on Weight Loss: Got Pain?

What It Takes to See Fat Loss and Weight Loss Progress

Yesterday I got a call from a client that I hadn't trained in awhile.  "I'm stuck!" she screamed.  We talked about her current food and fitness situation.  The biggest thing that was missing: pain.

Any good personal trainer will tell you that pain is necessary for any type of improvement.  When we create a budget and decide NOT to indulge our itch to acquire, we feel pain.  When we turn away from a tasty piece of cake or our favorite beverage, our body feels a little bit of pain.  It hurts to say "no" to desire. Not only do we register pain when we decide not to indulge in the wrong thing, we can also feel pain when we decide to indulge the right thing.

Pushing the body during a workout can be painful.  If we do cardio intervals our lungs may burn or our legs may feel like jello...both scenarios can be uncomfortable.  If we do super sets of bicep curls our arms may become toast.  And they may be sore for several days afterward.  Doing the right thing can cause pain.

I'm doing a lot of training with kettlebells right now, introducing them to many of my clients.  Kettlebells will make you feelpain of a whole different sort!

Is there ever growth without pain?  I don't think so.  I believe the pain we feel from saying no to the wrong things is just as important as the pain we feel from saying yes to the right things.  The next time you feel the pain of saying no to a cheeseburger or feel the pain from doing a challenging set of lunges, take heart.  Pain is necessary for your body's improvement (injury, however, is not's important to make that distinction).

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