Compounding Fat Loss, Weight Loss, and Body Change

Minneapolis Personal Trainer on How to Make Each Day Count

I have been running an online boot camp for the past 10 days, and the results are incredible!   The reason the results are incredible is because the people doing the boot camp are following the grocery list and menu I have given them for each week, plus are hitting their marks with exercise and other things.  Due to the consistency of hitting the mark, we had people lose 8, 9, 10, 13, and even 15 lbs in the first week!  Those are not average results....but they should be! (Go to

Here is where the average person on the average program falls short....

Weight Loss and the Power of Compounding

The power of compounding is the most important law in the universe.  The idea is that decisions can stack up on each other in an extreme way for the positive or the negative, depending on the quality of the decisions.  Consider a credit card.  When we charge a lot on a card and then make the minimum payment month after month (several bad decisions!), the balance grows of out control.  Credit card bills can compound against us very quickly.  When we eat the right food at the right time, do the right exercise at the right time, and continue to hit exercise and nutrition marks for 7 days in a row, our body can lose 8, 10, 13 lbs! 

Most people fall short in the exercise and nutrition because they do not fully realize the power of compounding!  Do the right things, hit the mark consistently, and the body will respond in a major way!  Don't cheat on foods, just stack great decisions on top of one another!  Make each day count by making more right decisions than the day before!


I am blown away at how many fat "weight loss gurus" hang around the gym.  If you know so much, why do you look so bad?  A big part of it is that people who think they know it all really don't know very much.  

It seems as though some folks have such an ego that they choose to close themselves off to new ideas or discount a new way of doing an old exercise because they didn't think of the idea.  How silly.  I pick up new ideas and tips all the time!  Part of know-how is to know how to receive new information or how to be reminded of old information that hasn't been applied for awhile.  Developing know-how is a constant process.  If we aren't picking up new ideas at the gym, it is quite possible we are turning a blind eye to the know-how around us!

Make your day count and improve your body by being developing your know-how.

Willingness to Try Something New

One of the biggest challenges I have with people is that they have their "routine" that works.  Unless someone has a big event coming up that they are training for, there is no harm in trying something new.  The first installment of my online boot camp is four weeks long.  Four weeks is 8% of the calendar year.  I find myself saying to people, "Look, I'm asking you to try something a little different for 8% of your year.  For the other 92%, do whatever you like.  But for this 8%, open up to the possibility that there may be some value here!"  It is amazing how set in ours ways we can become!

Try something new today and see how your body responds! 

Adam Erwin is a Minneapolis-based personal trainer who is helping people lose weight, burn fat, gain muscle, and experience the best exercise and nutrition month of their life with his “Virtual Boot Camp!”  When not leading people through his online boot camp, Adam travels around to Eden Praire, Minnetonka, Edina, Medina, Wayzata, and Chanhassen to work one-on-one as the in-home personal trainer.  To learn more about what Adam does and how he can help you, visit today!