Plymouth Personal Trainer Tips For Making Intentional Changes for a Healthy Life

Making changes to improve your health doesn't always come naturally.  Through my personal training business in Plymouth, MN, I see a variety of clients wanting to make changes to their diet, their exercise plans, and their mental health. 


When we're wanting to make a change, we need to know and understand why that change matters.  Change that lasts is change that matters to us.  It's a change that will not only impact our lives, but sometimes can impact the lives of people we love. 

What matters to you? 

What we eat matters. How we sleep matters. How we exercise, if we exercise, how we de-stress, how we hit the reset button after a bad day or bad week...matters.

So how do we make intentional changes that matter?  I have a few tips to help us set goals that matter and see them through. 

1. Remind yourself of your why

Knowing our why motivates us to keep going when the change we want gets challenging. In the middle of our health journey, we need reminders of why we started and why it matters. We need things to prime us, to grab our attention when we are being pulled in a million directions, that how we take care of ourselves matters.

2. Decide to prioritize your health

Decide to make your health a priority. Remind yourself of the benefits you'll experience as you choose healthy consistently. 


3. Make a plan

Knowing how you'll get there is half the battle.  Make a plan with your exercise. Make a plan for your meals. Execute on your plans.  I advise my clients to commit to meal planning and prep each week so when life gets crazy, the food choices can remain consistent. 

4. Add some fun

Find those things that you enjoy.  Schedule some fun into your life. Make sure you include some goodness into your intentional changes. 

5. Set an intention every day

As you start each day, choose an intention for your day when it comes to your health. Choose to follow your meal plan or schedule your workout. Ask yourself what are the important things you need to do to make today healthy. 

Making consistent changes to your health takes commitment. 

How do you and I start making those consistent changes? With reminders. Reminding ourselves of why we started.  Reminding ourselves of what matters when it comes to our health. 

 What reminders, quotes, photos, habits, and rituals do you use to keep on the path and stay focused?

What I’m asking is: how do you make it matter?

If you are ready to make it matter, then I'm here to help.  Contact me about personal training in Plymouth, MN. 

Danielle Allen