Plymouth Personal Trainer Tips for Paleo Superbowl Snacks During the Big Game

Remembering why you started is a great way to stay on track with becoming a healthier you.  In order to stay on track, I typically advise my clients to plan ahead and work the plan. 

You may have noticed that Super Bowl fever has hit Minnesota.  As you gather with friends or just watch at home, snacks can sometimes be an issue.  So whether you're going to a Super Bowl party or just craving a little something extra, finding snacks and treats that are on plan can go a long way in helping you execute a healthy week - week after week. 

The choice is yours

When it comes to snacking, we get to choose what we'll plan to eat.  You can choose to challenge Chester Cheetah when it comes to what you snack on....


Or you can plan your way to healthier snacks.  When it comes to paleo snack ideas for the big game, I love these go-to ideas that help me stay healthy and still enjoy the party. 

Snack Idea # 1: These wings are life changing! 


I love easy and simple and these wings deliver.  Do yourself a favor and ditch the drumsticks and buy wings instead. Baked entirely in the oven, these wings come out crispy and tasty for a snack everyone will love!  

Snack Idea # 2: Dipping Anything (Healthy) in Guacamole


Who doesn't love guac?  Am I right?  I love dipping pieces of chicken and enjoying each bite.  Whether you make it from scratch or buy a paleo approved version, consider bringing a big bowl with dippers like raw veggies, homemade Applegate bacon chips or yes, chicken to your next party.  You can't go wrong when it's dipped in guacamole! 

Snack Idea #3: Hot Beverages


Let's face it!  It's Minnesota and you may need a hot beverage to warm up.  These are 2 of my favorite go-to hot drinks.  On the left, Caribou Green Tea.  It's a great hot drink for a cold day. On the right, a paleo maple latte, which includes coffee, coconut cream, maple syrup, and Kerry Gold butter. Tastes like it came right from your favorite barista. Yum! 

Snack Idea # 4: Bring a bar


Carry a paleo-friendly bar in your purse or pocket.  When heading to a party, you never know what kinds of foods will be served.  You can always be prepared to fill up on a healthier choice with paleo-friendly snacks that work for you and keep you on track.  Personally, I love the Epic bars which are all-natural and filled with protein.  Just grab a bar and go. 

Snack Idea # 5: Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Muffins


I love these coconut flour chocolate chip muffins which are a healthy treat that satisfies your sweet tooth.  I make a couple of substitutions to make them paleo. Simply use Kerry Gold or another organic butter and enjoy life chocolate chips. These muffins are a great party or anytime snack to keep yourself on track. 

Need some help getting and staying on track when it comes to your health? 

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Adam Erwin