How Fit People Talk: Say This, Not That!

Three Phrases That Transform Fat to Fit!

As I finish watching my second episode of "Heavy" on Netflix, I am reminded that a major mind shift is mandatory for a major body shift.  Thinking and saying the right thing is imperative to arriving at our health goals!

Sadly, most of us get caught up in saying what most people say when trying to transform from fat to fit.  Most people say the wrong things, which means they think the wrong things.

Here are three phrases that will help get your mind right, your words right, and help you hit your health goals!

Say This: I'm On a Mission!      Not That: I'm On a Diet.

Fit people, and people who are pursuing being fit, are on a mission.  When someone offers them a brownie, they say, "No thanks, I'm on a mission here!"  Fat people are always "on a diet."

People who diet feel like they are living through temporary punishment...which means there seems to be an unnecessary emphasis on the first three letters in the word diet.  They feel like they are dying!

Being on a mission is entirely different.  It is positive, captivating, and it even sparks interest from others.  Virtually every adult has "been on a diet", but very few have considered themselves "on a mission!"

Make sure to fire the phrase "I'm on a diet" and replace it with "I'm on a mission!"  When someone asks you about your mission, talk about your fitness and nutrition plan.  Fit people do.

Say This: what do i need to eat?      Not That:what do i want to eat?

Fit people feed their body.  Fat people feed their cravings.  The funny thing is, cravings take control when we focus on what we want instead of focusing on what we need.

If we ask ourselves "What do I want to eat?", our brain will search through the list of our favorite vices.  Brain will answer, "chocolate peanut butter ice cream!" or "pizza!" or "Zebra Cakes!!!".  Silly brain.

If we ask ourselves "What do I need to eat?", our brain will take inventory of our recent food and exercise, then spit out the right answer.  Brain will answer, "grilled chicken and roasted asparagus" or "protein shake" or "southwestern omelet with eggs, green peppers, spinach, and onions!"  Awesome.

To get the right answer from our brain, it is imperative to ask the right question.  Drill into your brain, "What do I need to eat?"  It's what fit people say!

Say This: It's time to be the hardest-working person in the gym!      Not That: i need to go workout.

Everyone has a gear, an extra gear, that can be tapped into when we DECIDE to get our butt in gear.  When it's time to exercise, do so with purpose.  Be the hardest worker in the gym, or the hardest walker on the block.  Get in the zone instead of zoning out.  Hop on an elliptical and stay plugged in by doing short intervals instead of watching TV while moving .2 miles per hour.

Our stress level, cardiovascular system, circulatory system, lymphatic system, and respiratory system CANNOT WAIT for us to engage them.  Be the hardest working man or woman on the block!  Get after it in the gym.  Tap into your inner best.  Have fun with it!  This is what fit people do!

Adam Erwin is a fitness and nutrition coach.  Based in Minneapolis, Adam helps people solve their biggest health problem which include high cholesterol, type II diabetes, asthma, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, and others!