Do You Need a 15 Lbs., Two-Week Turnaround?

Fitness and Nutrition Coach Offers $50, 14-Day Plan to Get Slim During the Most Fattening Time of the Year

The average American adult will gain eight lbs. over the holidays.  EIGHT POUNDS!!!!  If you can't afford to gain eight more lbs. this holiday season, I'd like to help create a 15 lbs. gap between you and the rest of America this December.  And it will only take 14 days to do it!

I am here to announce the December 10th launch of the brand new 15 Lb, Two-Week Turnaround. From December 10th-23rd, you and 29 others can:

  • Lose unhealthy weight around your mid-section and attack fat!
  • Spark your metabolism to get a head start on 2010!
  • Give your body what it needs to fight off flu season more effectively!
  • Increase your energy to power through your day!
  • Show up for your holiday destination looking your best!

For the first 30 people who register (using the PayPal link below or contacting me for a $25 discount offer), I will offer the following:

  1. 14-day meal plan including the exact foods and amounts to eat!
  2. 14-day exercise plan that features online videos and workout sheets to track your progress (choose either the home program or gym program)!
  3. A grocery list for each week so you know exactly what to buy at the store!
  4. Daily blog that teaches you WHY we do WHAT we do (and offers special deals on jewelry massage and subject to geographic limitations)!
  5. A full list of recommended supplements to help you maximize this program AND beyond!
  6. $50 discount on a 28-day program for 2010!
  7. Recommendations for how to attack 2010 healthfully!

To recap, $50 gives you the fitness and nutrition blueprint to lose 7 lbs. in 14 days. "Wait a minute!" you may be thinking...."you said 15 lbs., Adam." I did. In addition to the 7 lbs. you could lose, this program is helping to spare you from the 8 lbs. of weight gain that may otherwise take place. 7 lbs of possible loss (my record for healthy weight loss for an online client in two weeks is 19 lbs!) and 8 lbs. not gained gives you a 15 lb. turnaround!

To sign up now for one of the 30 spots (as of 7:40pm on December 2nd, 6 spots are already taken). To find out how to reserve your spot (and maybe even for for $25!), send an email to immediately.

30 people will have a chance at a 15 lb. turn around. Will it be you? Registration closes when 30 spots fill up or on December 7th at 11am CTD.