New Year's Resolution: I Want to Lose Weight

Minneapolis Personal Trainer Tells How to Succeed with New Year's Resolution of Weight Loss

Happy New Year!  I'll bet that you found this blog because you are looking to lose weight in 2009.  Most people do not succeed with their weight loss resolutions, but if your search for answersand ideas brought you here, you most be serious about looking and feeling your best in 2009!  I'm here to help!

Reading today's blog provides you with three specific benefits: 1) get 3 ideas that will help you with your weight loss resolution, 2) learn how to get my $100 virtual boot camp for free, 3) learn how to get "The 27 Factors Affecting Fat Loss and Weight Loss" for free!

If you are serious about losing weight in 2009, here are the three most important things I can tell you about successfully losing weight...

New Year's Resolution Weight Loss Tip #1: Don't Lose Weight

Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, LA Weight Loss, and most other programs try to convince you that weight loss is the ticket.  If weight loss is the ticket, how come the weight keeps coming back?  Because weight loss is not the ticket.  When people focus on weight loss, they end up burning up their body's ability to burn calories and kill their metabolism as a result! 

Fat loss is the answer.  By focusing on losing fat (which is what I help all my clients to do, and can help you to do for $100 or me at to find out how to do it for free!), I help clients lose fat weight instead of muscle weight, help them increase their metabolism instead of slow it down, and help them keep their new body instead of watching it slip away.

It is not about how much we weigh, it's about how much fat weight we have.  Don't lose weight in 2009, lose fat weight!

New Year's Resolution Weight Loss Tip #2: Start it the Right Way!

Are you tired and sluggish as you go through your day?  Are you stressed out and irritable?  Are you locked into cravings that help make you fat?  If so, you are like most of us in the United States!

Most of us have a severely damaged body.  We are filled with fat cells that don't burn calories!  We are filled with toxins and organisms that make progress more difficult for our body.  We have stressed our organ, digestive, and nervous systems so much that they are worn down and not functioning the way they were designed to function.

The first step for anyone wanting to lose weight is to clean the body out and get it ready to live again.  Doing a cleanse helps the body function correctly, makes fat loss (and weight loss!) progress happen more quickly, and helps us to have abundant energy!  If you want to lose weight and do it the right way, the first step is to do a cleanse.  And there are thousands of cleanses you could do by yourself, or....

Join me for the 2009 Total Body Makeover Virtual Boot Camp (  We start January 15th.  We walk you through a gentle and body-changing cleanse.  You can join me as I help you and others around the world for $100 or do it for free (again, send an email to to find out how to do it for free!)

New Year's Resolution Weight Loss Tip #3: Focus Some on Exercise, Focus Mostly on Foods and Life Changes!

For most people, exercise makes up less that 5% of our day.  Mastering exercise is a nice step for fat loss and weight loss, but taking care of the other 95% of our day is going to impact weight loss a lot more than the 5% of our day spent on exercising.  Mastering our daily intake of food is more important than anything else we can do to change your body.  Eating the right foods at the right times will do more for us than exercise ever could (exercise is tremendously important, don't get me wrong, but it's just 5% of our day).

For this reason, the 2009 Total Body Makeover Virutal Boot Camp ( has a food focus.  In fact, for 28 days you will know exactly what you need to eat.  No guessing, just a concrete plan full of foods you probably already enjoy...just put in the right order and in the right amounts!

To learn more about how to position your body for fat loss and weight loss, send me an email ( and ask for a free copy of "The 27 Factors Affecting Fat Loss and Weight Loss!" 

Lose Weight in 2009 Successfully: Make Your Resolution a Reality!

Don't leave your weight loss to chance in 2009!  Join the 2009 Total Body Makeover Virtual Boot Camp experience or find out how to hire me personally (  Make your resolution a guarantee today!

Adam Erwin is a personal trainer and the founder of Rapid Results Fitness.  He creates body changing and life-changing boot camp experiences for his clients that address weight loss and major health issues (high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.).  Adam resides in Minneapolis, spending much of his personal training time in Eden Prairie, Edina, Wayzata, Minnetonka, Excelsior, Chanhassen, and Medina.  He also enjoys bringing his boot camp experience cities such as San Diego, Miami, Phoenix, and Sydney, Australia!  To learn more about how to bring body change to your life, visit!