Minneapolis-Based Personal Trainer Speaks Out About: Bad Workouts

Top Ten Signs You Need a Personal Trainer

Number Ten: Your warm up by walking into the gym.

Warming up properly and stretching significantly contribute to a great workout.  Most people don't warm up before a workout, and the few that do typically do not warm up properly.

Number Nine: You run away from carbs.

There is still a fallout from the Atkins diet fad from 5 years ago.  Carbs are good and your body needs them, especially after a workout.  Which carbs, though, is the question (hint: not watermelon, but grapes).

Number Eight: Cardio is 60 minutes in length at the same pace, while watching tv!

If you are bored by your workout, guess what?  So is your metabolism!  If weight loss is not your goal, go ahead and keep the treadmill on a level 3.5 for an hour!

Number Seven: Jiggling your butt out the door is what you consider a post-workout shake.

Protein powder is HUGE after a workout.  And not just whey protein...it's more specific than that!  If you don't know what type of shake will help optimize the hour you just spent in the gym, contact me today (adam@keepyourbetterhalf.com).

Number Six:  You leg/shoulder/knee/back is always bugging you.

Old injuries and recurring injuries are a sign of poor rehab or poor development of surrounding and compensatory muscles.  Various injuries require stringent work...the body is amazing at repairing itself when you have a plan that stimulates its recovery.

Number Five:  Your can't lose that gut!

How hard to you work?  How much progress is showing from that work?  If you thought, "Weight loss can't be this hard," you are right.  Contact me (adam@keepyourbetterhalf.com) to re-introduce your body to progress.

Number Four:  You workout long and hard in the gym.

You can either workout long or you can workout hard, but you can't do both.  If you don't have a plan that helps you to work swiftly and also challenges you, you need a new personal trainer.

Number Three:  When you do exercises for your back you actually feel it in your shoulders.

Most people do not perform back exercises in a way to maximize the use of back muscles.  There is one major trick to getting the back muscles involved to the max, and you'll have to email me to find out what it is!

Number Two:  Your current personal trainer is also overweight.

If your personal trainer's gut screams, "Do what I say, not what I do!"...it's time for a new personal trainer that can walk the talk!

Number One:  You are sick and tired of not losing weight, looking and feeling your best, and wearing clothes that help you feel confident and attractive!

Is today the day you decide to stop wasting your time, money, and energy for a plan that is not working for you?  I hope so.  If you are ready to get in the best shape of your life, have the best month of foods and exercise you have ever had with total accountability, then we need to talk.  Go to my website (www.keepyourbetterhalf.com) today and fill out the contact information.  I only work with people who are serious about making the most dramatic and unbelievable body change.

Adam Erwin is a personal trainer who travels the world working with people who want to experience fat loss and weight loss in record-time. He currently resides in Minneapolis, MN and loves to train the great folks in the Lake Minnetonka area. Visit www.keepyourbetterhalf.com to learn more about his work.