A Minneapolis-Based Personal Trainer Speaks Out About: Weight Loss Books

The Word on Weight Loss Books, Fat Loss Guides, and Muscle-Building Programs

Have you ever stared at a jigsaw puzzle and been a little overwhelmed at the bijillion pieces laying before you? I am not good at putting puzzles together. Every time I pick up a piece, I have a hard time figuring out where it is supposed to go. Or if I'm playing with my nephew, I wonder if the puzzle piece I'm holding even belongs to the puzzle we're trying to put together.

At some time or another, most of us have perused the weight loss/diet/exercise section of Borders, Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, or wherever good books are sold.   Today I'm coming to you live from the Borders in Minnetonka, MN.  There is SO MUCH information out here...probably too much!

The problem I have with these books is that you can read for five or ten pages and not get one take-home idea about weight loss, fat loss, or body change.    This is why I am putting together an e-book that is short, to the point, and without needless information.  I want to pack as much wisdom into each page as I can...which is hard to do.  Shoot me an email if you'd like more information abou the e-book, which will be released soon.

For now, here is my list of "Three Things You Need to Know Before You Pick up a Book on Weight Loss":

Things You Need to Know Before You Pick Up a Book on Weight-Loss: It's 90% NOT About Your Workout

The biggest idea about weight loss is that 90% has nothing to do with a workout.  What you do outside the gym (or outside of your home-workout) is the biggest piece of the puzzle.  Major changes in eating habits (what you eat, when you eat it, and how much of it you eat) is a required activity of weight loss.  Putting together a fool-proof plan for the 90% of your time that is spent outside the gym is the most important criteria to weight loss one must consider when looking into a book or two about what to do.

Things You Need to Know Before You Pick Up a Book on Weight-Loss: It's Not About Consuming Less Food

Did you fall out of your chair upon reading the headline?  Some of you might have.  In reality, it's not about eating less food.  It's about what foods you eat.  Wanna go crazy on celery?  Be my guest.  Wanna eat grapes until you burst?  Feel free.  What kills us is not the habit of eating (or even the quantities), it's the types of foods that we eat that kill us.  Trading grapes for cupcakes and almonds for potato chips, that's what it's about: the substitutes.  Any book that tells you otherwise is not really with the program.

Things You Need to Know Before You Pick Up a Book on Weight-Loss: There are Lots of Right Ideas About Weight Loss

Many of the books I pick up about weight loss have ideas that make sense and could work.  There are a lot of good ideas out there, and most books tout their way as THE way.  THere are lots of ways to gain muslce, lots of ways to burn fat, and lots of ways to lose weight.  They may not all be created equal, but most are doable.

The best way to change your body, however, is to hire someone to help you that studies this stuff for a living.  I travel the nation helping people change their body.  If you'd like help with your body change, visit www.keepyourbetterhalf.com.

AdamErwin is a personal trainer who travels the world working with people who want to experience fat loss and weight loss in record-time. He currently resides in Minneapolis, MN and loves to train the great folks in the Lake Minnetonka area. Visit www.keepyourbetterhalf.com to learn more about his work.