Cure What Ails You with Water

Why Water Can Change Your Nutrition, Health, Weight, and More

I just bought a new water filter today. What a difference a good glass of water makes. In fact, water is one of the most common starting points when I work with clients on losing weight, losing fat, improving health, even eating less. Water is the wonder drink to cure what ails most of us. Why?

Water Helps You Consume Less Calories

A 12 oz. can of Coca-Cola contains 140 calories and 39 g of sugar. Yikes! Juices aren't much better. Nor is tea (except maybe green tea). Diet soda...don't make me go there. The artificial sweeteners are killing your metabolism and causing you to eat more food (that's for another blog on another day!).

Water is calorie free. The average person will consume 40% less calories by substituting water in as their only beverage. Try it for a week and you will be a water fiend. Water also triggers a human stomach to feel satisfied (the signals for hunger and thirst are the same in the human body). By merely consuming an 8 oz. glass of water before a meal, we are guaranteed to eat less.

Drink only water for a week and shed 40% of your caloric intake (and that's from beverages alone!). Drink water before and during meals (for the real fanatics, don't drink anything during a meal to maximize digestion) to cut down on food-based calories for a week. Weight loss is a cinch with water. And if you are overweight, losing a few pounds with a water-focused plan can improve blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and joint function. Yes, it's that simple. Simple, however, is not always easy.

Water Increases Your Metabolism

Guess what 8 oz. beverage you can drink first thing in the mornig to improve your metabolic response by 24%? Water! Our metabolism was designed to respond to water. Studies prove that drinking water upon rising is a sure-fire way to get your metabolism in gear. In addition, drinking cold water increases calorie burning (not by a lot, but every calorie burned adds up). If your metabolism is in gear, not only are you burning more calories, but you are also processing nutrients more quickly. When it comes to muscle repair, processing nutrients (giving the body what it needs when it needs it) is a really big deal!

Water Helps Cure Many Ailments

I'm going to get in trouble for this one, I just know it. The truth is that increased water consumption can improve the condition of virtually every cell in the human body. Skin is in bad shape, drink more water. Joints or muscles are aching, drink more water. Body is retaining too much water, drink more water (seriously!).

Water can help to lower cholesterol. Water can help increase brain function. Need more lung capacity, perhaps try water (and definitely eliminate carbonated beverages)! Water is a big deal.

When drinking water (64-120 oz. a day) becomes a habit for you, watch out! You may be completely unstoppable.

Adam Erwin is a personal trainer who travels the world working with people who want to change their body now! Adam follows good weather, which means he is currently training clients in Minnesota…anywhere within a 10 mile radius of Wayzata, MN When fall and winter arrive, Adam will be headed toward Florida, Arizona, Australia, and other warm climates. Visit to learn more about his work and how he can help you lose fat, keep muscle, and keep your better half.