The Best Fat Loss Stories Focus on Jeans, Not Genes

Do You Make Successful Weight-Loss Choices?

I am advising a client in St. Louis, MO on a special fat loss and weight loss project. Kristen is making tremendous strides in her journey to lose fat and weight (her goal is upwards of 50 lbs!).

I was talking with her mother yesterday, who said, "Any weight loss she gets is going to defy her genes."

Armed with a thorough idea of her eating habits and patterns over the last few years, I said, "I'm not sure I agree with that. Genes don't make a person eat Taco Bell. Genes don't make a person take the elevator instead of the stairs or park in the closest parking spot instead of one that requires a longer walk. Choices will beat genes almost every time. You get what you focus on, whether it is fitting into a tight pair of blue jeans or fitting an entire blueberry pie into your mouth. Focused decision-making rules in the fat loss world."

She thought for a minute, smiled, and then said, "That's no nonsense right there. And you're right!" I smiled. I've learned in my time on this planet that when momma says you're right, you are right!

The bottom line, though, is that anyone who wants to lose fat can do so if they focus on what they want instead of focusing on their obstacles to getting there. "Everyone in my family has a slow metabolism." "I can't exercise very much because I have a bad case of asthma (or cholesterol, or high blood pressure, etc.)."

Almost everyone who has yet to get the body they want has a story about why they can't get it. Most of those stories include an excuse about genetic pre-disposition to being fat. To that I say, "Lean turkey baloney!"

Here are three choices regarding focus that will help you burn more fat (and lose more weight), despite your "genetic predisposition":

FAT LOSS CHOICE #1: Choose to write down what you eat, daily!

A study just came out (as of 7/8/2008 ) showing that those who write in a food journal lose twice as much weight as those who do not write down their food intake. Whether you are tracking spending or food intake, tracking inspires results. Numbers don't lie, which is why I like them. Focus on writing down your food and your genes will allow you to fit into your jeans.

FAT LOSS CHOICE #2: Choose to have a plan for your workout.

Every client I work with experiences better results in the gym when they walk through the door with a plan for their workout. When we have a paper in our hand that tells us what to do, we usually do it. Experts agree that making lists is the best way to shop for groceries, run a business, manage a day, and produce results in the gym. When you come to the gym prepared for your workout with a written out game plan, you tell your body and your time where to go instead of wondering where they went.

FAT LOSS CHOICE #3: Choose to put your goals in front of you, daily.

Remember in 2007 when our military shot down a satellite that had gone astray and was going to crash to earth if we didn't detonate it from afar? The failed satellite was the size of a bus, and was shot down 130 miles above us. Talk about hitting a far away target! Humans, however, can be even more impressive when they focus with complete intensity on their goals. If it is a pair of jeans, a dress, or a picture of you from the past, put your body goal in front you so you will see it daily. It doesn't matter how far away your target can hit it if you choose to focus on it daily.

Adam Erwin is a personal trainer who travels the world working with people who want to change their body now! Adam follows good weather, which means he is currently training clients in Minnesota...anywhere within a 10 mile radius of Lake Minnetonka. When fall and winter arrive, Adam will be headed toward Florida, Arizona, Australia, and other warm climates. Visit to learn more about his work and how he can help you lose fat, keep muscle, and keep your better half.