​Nicole L., 32 years old

Nicole L., 32 years old


I started working with Adam about 6 years ago. He has helped me through unbelievable obstacles throughout the years. He helped me lay a foundation for safe and effective exercise, first teaching me the basics of lifting with proper technique. “Don't forget to breathe,” he would always say.

Adam has helped me push through every day life struggles, and turned the gym into my “healthy place” where I can release stressors.

Throughout our training time, Adam has helped me weather a horrible volleyball accident (broken tibula and fibula) and was very helpful not only gym days with the broken ankle but also the recovery in general.

Most recently, Adam helped me shed post partum (pregnancy) weight. I really wanted to lose my baby weight (sure it was an attainable goal, but I had gained 55 pounds in 9 months!). I came back to the gym having lost 30 pounds (16 weeks post partum). What Adam helped me achieve in the next 9 months I will never be able to say “thank you” to him enough. He gave me the nutritional knowledge I needed to make healthy nutrition part of a lifestyle change and not a fad diet. Adam put together a workout plan to supplement my training sessions with him (for the days I was working out on my own). Most importantly, he instilled confidence in me that my goals were all within reach.  

He knew throughout the “baby-weight loss” process when to push me to train harder, and when it was an "off" day that my body needed a lighter workout. Don’t get me wrong, he still pushed me! But he helped me navigate within limits of mental struggles that can come to a women post partum. 

In the end, not only did I meet my goal of hitting my pre-baby weight, the goal was crushed!! I finished 2016 under my pre-baby weight, thanks to the tough 44 pounds Adam helped me lose!, I lost 74 pounds in a year.

Adam told me to plug into the plan and put in the work, and to let the results take care of themselves. He was right…it worked! He helped me take better care of my body post partum, which made the recovery process so much easier. Thank you, Adam!

Brynne Turner