Jenny Y.

Jenny Y.


There is no describing the feeling an unhealthy person has when he or she doesn’t know where to start.

I grew up very overweight with zero understanding of what true health meant. Everything I learned in adulthood was self-taught, and I picked up enough to at least escape obesity. In the fall of 2014, I was feeling gross from putting on a few pounds during the first year of marriage, so I joined a weight loss challenge Adam put together. That experience helped me grasp what I’d been missing. I learned what made my body feel great versus the “good enough” I’d accepted for years. Adam explained the importance of good food, proper supplementation, solid exercise, and rest in a way I’d never heard before. Things finally made sense and seemed doable for a person like me! Through that challenge, I gained control and quit feeling like this weight thing was going to remain a lifelong struggle. The month after the challenge ended, my husband I began trying to grow our family, and we were immediately successful. My body was at its best, and I truly believe that positively affected my fertility.

Since then, I’ve worked with Adam one-on-one as I got in shape to conceive again (success!), and I’ve also used him for prenatal vitamins, household products (ask about the amazing laundry detergent that doesn’t cause my son to breakout), and supplements that help maximize my workouts. I consider him a huge resource for my family, and I’d wholeheartedly recommend him to others. He’s the partner you didn’t know you needed – the one who will meet you where you are and champion for you as you accomplish what you never knew possible.

Brynne Turner