Plymouth Personal Trainer Healthy Obsession Challenge

Welcome to Healthy Obsession Challenge!

Each year I issue a challenge this time of year.  Execute your healthiest week for 6 weeks in a row as you compete for the best improvement and cash prizes.  My mission in all this is to make healthy easy and fun as we encourage each other in the challenge. 

The challenge starts this week on September 25th and runs for 6 week.  It's not too late to get started.  Simply e-mail me and I'll send you a packet with all the details. 

For those who are already in and ready to get started, I am THRILLED to get started with you. 

First, the Packet...

Once you've registered, I will be sending out your starter packet.  This is our first and best conversation on getting started.  The packet shares insight and strategy on food, fitness, habits, and hormones.  Please read this ASAP!


Need an RSVP...

I'm looking to get some dates for Week 1 on your calendar.  In our first seven days we have six group workout opportunities and one cooking class.  Please RSVP for the following dates/events:


RSVP #1-Group Training (pick up to two of the following dates/times):

  • Monday-6am-6:45am, 6pm-6:30pm
  • Tuesday-6pm-6:45pm
  • Thursday-6am-6:45am
  • Saturday-7:30am-8:15am, 8:15am-9am




RSVP #2-Cooking Class


9/30/17-10:30am-12:30pm-Cooking Class at Adam's in Plymouth-We will be cooking entrees from the week two menu (which you will receive during week one...around 9/27).  Not only will we learn how to cook cool stuff, we will complete most of the week 2 cooking in ninety minutes (with extra time to package and clean up if need be)!  Can I get an amen?


Important to note: cooking class includes your share of the cost of groceries.  If you are participating, expect to spend $85-$100 or so on groceries.  I will do my best (Costco, etc.) to find great deals to be a good steward of your funds.  


Materials to Follow

I wanted this to hit your inbox quickly.  The next email will include:

1) Week one menu (a list of ideas, and not necessarily what you should do...I will be expecting you to create your personal menu...and I'm glad to help!), 

2) Recipe list of 20+ awesome Paleo recipes

3) An invite to join the private Healthy Obsession Challenge Facebook Group (where cooking videos, exercise videos, and other items will be posted).


Ready to RSVP to Group Fitness Classes and Cooking Class?


Danielle Allen