What Do I Get My Personal Trainer for Christmas?

Minneapolis-Based Personal Trainer Helps Clients Master Christmas Etiquette

So you work with a personal trainer and you want to know what to get them for Christmas.  First of all, as a personal trainer, thanks for thinking of us.  We really appreciate it!  And because you care about getting something your personal trainer would enjoy (or you wouldn't have searched online for trainer gift solutions), here are a few ideas for you:

Personal Trainer Christmas Gift Idea #1: A Session Bonus

The last six weeks of the year can be a slow business period for personal trainers.  It seems like many people move their discretionary dollars from the service industries into retail for the holidays, which makes Christmas a tough time economically for some trainers.  A financial gift equal to a training session is a welcome idea.  Were it not for the session financial gifts I received last year, I would not have been able to get home for Christmas...the end of the year can be that hard for trainers.

Personal Trainer Christmas Gift Idea #2: A Gift Certificate to a Health/Nutrition/Exercise Store

My entire Christmas list this year is workout and nutrition stuff.  There are new protein powders I want to try, new equipment I want to buy so I can be better for my clients, etc.  A great gift idea for your trainer is a gift certificate to a sporting goods store, nutrition/supplement store, or an online store that fits those categories.  We want to serve you better in 2010, and having a chance to pick up new tools for torture and new drinks to make you gag is how we love to spend our money.

Personal Trainer Christmas Gift Idea #3: Help Us Repair Our Body

A personal trainer has several tiny workouts a day.  Every time we demonstrate an exercise or spot a client and help them move a weight around, we are beating up our body.  A hot stone or deep tissue massage or chiropractic adjustment would do wonders for the body that we have broken to make your body better.

Personal Trainer Christmas Gift Idea #4: A Melaleuca Membership

We like top of the line health products!  We also like being a resource for our clients when they have cholesterol issues, blood pressure issues, sleep issues, and fat-burning issues.  In 2009 I helped several clients avoid cholesterol/blood pressure/diabetes medication because of products from a company called Melaleuca.    Melaleuca has some of the greatest products on the planet for health and body change.  Help us take care of our body and help us be a resource for you by getting us going on a Melaleuca membership.  I love my Melaleuca membership!!!  To learn how to get one for your trainer, email me (adam@rapidresultsfitnessmn.com)!

Personal Trainer Christmas Gift Idea #5: Referrals!

The economy is not going to tighten down for everyone.  Help us connect with people who need our help!  We love new business!  If we have done a great job with you, please refer us to your business associate, friend, or church member who is looking to make a change!  Chances are good that we welcome new business!

What Do I Do If I Don't Want To Get My Trainer Something For Christmas?

Giving should always be a want, not an obligation.  If you feel obligated to get something for your trainer for Christmas, give them a card and a $10 gift certificate to McDonald's...then take a picture as they open their "gift" :).  If you don't feel like getting your trainer anything for Christmas, you need a new trainer!  I want to talk with you if you do not feel connected to your trainer, excited about the progress they have helped you make, or if you simply feel as though it is time for a change!

I love my line of work and love the people I work with.  On behalf of all the trainers out there, thank you for choosing to work with us!  And thanks for remembering us during the Christmas season!

Adam Erwin is an in-home personal trainer who travels the world to work with people who are ready to put excuses aside and work hard to change their body.  Visit www.rapidresultsfitnessmn.com to learn more about what Adam does, who he works with, and how you can have him come and work with you!  A Minneapolis resident, Adam will work close to home (Eden Prairie, Wayzata, Minnetonka, Edina) or will travel to your location (San Diego, Miami, Phoenx, Sydney Australia) to work with you.