What Do I Get My Husband/Wife for Christmas?

Minneapolis Personal Trainer Chimes in on Unique Gift Ideas forHoliday Shoppers

***December 21st update (2:21pm)***

Christmas gift idea #1 (read below) has the potential to cost you $1 instead of $100 (and your significant other would never know the difference!).  Send a phone call to 612-308-4772 and ask for Adam to get the details!  Offer ends on December 22nd at 8pm Central Standard Time.*******

It is crunch time for Christmas shoppers.  In a mad scamper for deals this Christmas season, few of us land the creative and unique gift that best suits our spouse.  Here are a few last-minute ideas that could qualify as "the best Christmas gift ever!"  Please keep in mind that I'm a fitness guy, so each suggestion in this blog will have a fitness/nutrition connection.

UniqueChristmas Gift Idea for Couples With a Budget: Lose 13 lbs. in 28 Days!

Is your spouse dissatisfied with their body?  Do they feel stuck?  In addition to needing to lose a few lbs., are they staring down high cholesterol/high blood pressure/type II diabetes?  Give them access to the program that helps people lose 13 lbs. (on average) in 28 days!

In January of 2009 I launched a brand new program called Virtual Boot Camp.  We had amazing success in 2009 and, with the updates being implements in 2010 we expect even better results (in fact, we implemented a few changes inOctober a people dropped an extra 1.7 lbs. on average because of it!).

This 28-day food and fitness program walks people through the best food and fitness month they've ever had!  Participants in Virtual Boot Camp:

  • Know exactly what to eat AND WHEN with the 28-day meal plan
  • Know exactly HOW to workout at home or in the gym with the 28-day online workout video program
  • Know exactly what food to buy at the grocery store during Virtual Boot Camp with a weekly grocery list
  • Learn WHY we do WHAT we do with the daily blog!
  • Put themselves in position to use less medication (cholesterol/blood pressure/type II diabetes), get a better health/life insurance rate, and LOVE THE WAY THEY LOOK AND FEEL!

You may be thinking, "But Adam, by giving my husband/wife this gift, I'm calling them fat!"  Under many conditions, that's true.  But if this is something your spouse really NEEDS, here are two ways to sell it:

1) Ask them in advance.  If you came to them and said, "Look, I hear you talking about how you don't have any energy, how you feel fat, and how frustrated you are with your body.  I found a program that looks really neat and might be able to get you where you want to go.  I love you the way you are and I want you to feel good about you.  Do you want to take a look at what I found?"  If they say yes, click here!

2) Do it together.  I've had quite a few married walk through Virtual Boot Camp together.  Not only do couples get the best results (my top 5 weight-loss stories all come from married couples), their marriage also tend to get a spark (it's always nice to do something together where your spouse feels like your teammate).  If Virtual Boot Camp was a "we" experience instead of a "you" experience, you will not be calling your spouse fat.  Your Virtual Boot Camp gift will say, "I want both of us to be healthy, and I want to do it together."  Plus, there is a couples discount for Virtual Boot Camp from now until Nov. 30th.  Send an email to adam@rapidresultsfitnessmn.com for details!

Unique Last-Minute Christmas Gift Idea for Vacation-Minded Couples: Lose 12 lbs. in 7 Days at the Destination Body Sculpt Boot Camp

It's 9am.  You and your spouse are on the beach smelling the ocean air, feeling the soft sand underneath your feet, and working on losing 10 lbs. in seven days.  Thanks to a destination body sculpt boot camp, you are eating wonderful meals, enjoying the sand and sun, and feeling the best you have felt in a long, long time.  Where can you sign up for a destination body sculpt boot camp? wwwrapidresultsfitnessmn.com

The last client I worked with lost 12 lbs. in seven days (he also cut his insulin usage in half as well).  My client record for seven days is 19 lbs!

Maybe you want to shed fat while you hit the slopes.  Perhaps you want to visit Australia or the Bahamas.  Wherever you want your body change and your spouse's body change to take place, send an email to adam@rapidresultsfitnessmn.com to start a dialogue about leaving for vacation wearing one size of pants and coming home in a smaller size.

Unique Last-Minute Christmas Gift Idea for Him: Kettlebells and Training DVD

If your man is looking to shed some weight, find his lost energy, and burn calories like he never has before, picking up some kettlebells will do the trick.  Kettlebells are like cannon balls with a handle.  They originated in Russia, and are gaining traction in America as an amazing way to change your body.

While you can buy kettlebells anywhere (and better to buy a 25 lb KB at a sports store instead of buying it online and paying a boatload for shipping),  you must stop by www.dragondoor.com to find the very best in kettlebell training DVDs.  You will need them.  If you want some help on getting kettlebells, send me an email (adam@rapidresultsfitnessmn.com).  I would be glad to help.

Unique Last-Minute Christmas Gift Idea for Her: Leg Magic

Every once in awhile I get to sample a fitness machine.  Two weeks ago I tried Leg Magic...and it is awesome!  Leg Magic works inner thighs, hips, and butt.  It hits many trouble spots for women.  Go to www.buylegmagic.com to check it out.

NOTE: Before letting your wife open this gift, have her open a new pair of jeans that is two sizes too small for her....then have her open the Leg Magic.  Instead of her asking, "Do you think I'm fat?", she will be saying "I can't wait to fit into these?" :)

Unique Last-Minute Christmas Gift Idea for the Health-Deprived: Lower Cholesterol, Lower Blood Pressure, Increased Energy

I literally just got off the phone with a very happy client.  Not only is she down 25 lbs., the results from her recent blood work were amazing!  Her triglycerides were down 103 points and her cholesterol was down 45 points...in 2 months time!

Set your spouse up for a nutrition consultation.

Adam Erwin is an in-home personal trainer who travels the world to work with people who are ready to put excuses aside and work hard to change their body.  Visit www.rapidresultsfitnessmn.com to learn more about what Adam does, who he works with, and how you can have him come and work with you!  A Minneapolis resident, Adam will work close to home (Eden Prairie, Wayzata, Minnetonka, Edina) or will travel to your location (San Diego, Miami, Phoenx, Sydney Australia) to work with you.