Ab Workout and Mid-Section Weight Loss Secrets

Minneapolis Personal Trainer on Losing The Weight (Fat) Around the Middle and Getting Nice Abs!

I was at a family function today, talking to a family friend about weight loss and ab work.  Jim, our friend, was frustrated because he had been trying to lose weight around the middle and had worked really hard but wasn't seeing the results he thought he would be seeing.

Most people work really hard on their belly fat and don't see results because...

Ab Workout and Weight Loss Secret #1: If your hormones aren't right, your belly fat isn't going anywhere!

Stress and belly fat are closely linked.  When people are stressed, they produce extra cortisol, which is a hormone that prevents belly fat from being easy to burn off.  When we don't get good sleep (between the primetime hours of 11pm and 4am) and don't fight off stress (working out, breathing exercises, slowing down), our stress hormones will be in high gear and the belly fat won't be going anywhere.  To help the belly fat go away, attack stress by getting better sleep and fitting exercise into your day.  Fighting stress is huge for attacking belly fat!

Ab Workout and Mid-Section Weight Loss Secret #2: Sequence is everything!

If you were handed six numbers (239402) and were told to unlock a combination, it would be very difficult to unlock it unless you knew the correct sequence of the numbers (34, 29, 02, etc.).  If you are trying to work out your abs and lose weight but don't know how to sequence your efforts, it would be difficult to unlock belly fat loss.

When people hire me to train them and help them lose fat around their midsection, we don't really address that work until we have established a nice improvement in body composition.  If you focus on improving your muscle/fat ratio, your ability to burn calories will be significantly increased.  If you focus on ab workouts and weight loss around the middle after you have more calorie-burning potential, it's a lot easier to get your ab work done successfully.  Sequence is everything.  Body composition groundwork first, abs focus later.

Ab Workout and Mid-section Weight Loss Secret #3: Make Water Your Focus!

A well-hydrated fat cell will burn much more easily than a poorly hydrated fat cell.  With that in mind, be sure to focus on drinking a large amount of water (1/2 your body weight in ounces of water) every single day.  The more water available to the body, the less water it will retain.  And, the more water present in the body, the better chance of burning off fat cells!

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