Weight Loss and Fitness Success Stories

Minneapolis and St. Paul Weight Loss and Fitness Extraordinaires Give Praise to their Personal Trainer

The past two weeks have been loaded with testimonials and success stories.  I love getting feedback about the results people are getting from my work with them.  Here is a quick sample of success stories from the past two weeks...

11/18/08-I had to fasten my belt with a belt hole I haven't used in over 3 years!  I'm so pumped!  --Joe, 28 years old, Champlin, MN

11/18/08-Chris' basketball coach says that Chris is the best defender we have, and wishes he had 9 other players just like Chris on his team.  -Proud mom Carol of son Chris, age 11, Eden Prairie, MN

11/17/08-I can't believe I am down 10% body fat!  Amazing!!!-Shanna (Joe's wife!), 30 years old, Champlin, MN

11/15/08-This has been the best month of my life.  My strength, confidence, and build are beyond what I could have expected in six weeks.  You kicked my butt every single session! Now I have to wear a belt with all of my pants...and none of them needed a belt before we started.   Ray, 32 years old, Maple Grove, MN

11/13/08-I have never been able to climb on the monkey bars before, until last week.  How amazing is that??? Josiah, 14 years old, Plymouth, MN (however you can measure progress, righ?)

11/08/08-My husband noticed my body for the first time in our three years of marriage. I can walk better, I am sleeping better, my leg cramps have disappeared, and my daughters are inspired to workout too! -Karen, St. Paul, MN

If you live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and are looking to get more out of your workouts and nutrition, visit keepmybetterhalf.com or shoot an email to adam@keepmybetterhalf.com.

Adam Erwin is a personal trainer (with a nutrition background) who travels the world working with people who want to experience fat loss and weight loss in record-time. He currently resides in Minneapolis, MN and loves to train with people whose health does not match their lifestyle. Adam works closely in the Eden Prairie, Wayzata, Excelsior, Minnetonka, and Edina communities.  Visit www.keepyourbetterhalf.com to learn more about his work.