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How to Pick Up Energy, Drop Pant Sizes, and Spend Less Time in the Gym!

As a personal trainer, I possess the deadliest of combinations: I'm a fast talker with a lot to say.  My clients can go from "ready to learn" to "eyes glazed over and brain full" in record time!  In part, my ebook is for them.  It's a way to slow things down, stop the madness, and digest the information I am feeding them.

It's also for you, the person I may never meet.  It is me pulling back the curtain on how I helped a 43 year-old mother of three loses 61 lbs. and wear her smallest dress as an adult.  It is me showing you how I helped a 30 year-old man go from maxing out on diabetes medication to losing 30 lbs. and not having to medicate his diabetes at all (and fitting into his smallest pant size since sixth grade!).  It is me putting a bug in your ear from the second you get up and walking with you through your day to help you eat the right snack, execute the right type of cardio workout, and take action in ways to demonstrate that your eyes are on the prize. 

I will be giving you sneak peeks of "The Little Ebook on Fat Loss and Weight Loss" until the book launches on October 15th.  You can pre-order a copy for half-price this week only (ending at 11:59pm on October 5th!).  Go to or send an email to for more information.

And now....for a sneak peek at "The Little Ebook on Fat Loss and Weight Loss"...

Step Away From The Scale!

How to Measure Your Progress and Keep Your Sanity

I hate scales.  Do you know why I hate scales?  Scales have taught us that our weight will be up when we expect it to be down, our weight will be stuck when we expect it to move, and we will seldom be able to explain the results the scale sends us.  Based on the unprediactability and ever-changing nature of scales, I'm beginning to think they were invented by women.  

Every week I can count on a phone call from a scale-driven new client.  It goes something like this:

Laura the New Client: "Adam, I gained two pounds this week!"

Adam the Personal Trainer: "Laura, this is your first week.  I told you that you would either break even or gain a pound or two this week.  And I asked you not to step on the scale, remember?"

Laura: "I know, I know.  I just wanted to see how much progress I was making."

Adam: "The scale doesn't measure progress, it measures gravity's pull on our progress.  Have you been doing your cardio every day?"

Laura: "Yes."

Adam: "Have you been getting your protein shakes in and eating your snacks?"

Laura: "Yes."

Adam:  "Then you are making great progress!"

Laura: "But why am I up two pounds?"

Adam: "It could be because you are gaining muscle.  It could be because you aren't getting enough water and your body is retaining water.  It could be because you are drinking lots of water and haven't used the restroom in three hours.  The two pounds probably came from new muscle growth.  Let me ask you this, how do your clothes fit?"

Laura: "They seem a little looser around the waist."

Adam: "Good.  What does the mirror say?"

Laura: "I think I look a little bit more toned."

Adam: "Good.  Has your husband noticed anything?"

Laura: "No.  Hasn't said a word."

Adam: "And he probably won't.  One day he'll just start chasing you around the house, which is why we need to keep you on that interval training...for those days when you aren't in the mood."

Laura: After a giggle, "Okay."

Adam: "You are doing great.  I'll see you in a few days."

I get that call almost every week from someone who has forgotten the truth about the scale.  And the truth is that a scale can't tell you very much about your progress.  It can't tell you if you lost fat.  It can't tell you if you gained muscle.  A scale only tells you what you weigh (gravity's pull on you) but it doesn't tell you what your weight is (the amount of fat, muscle, and water that are constantly fluctuating in your body).

Measuring fat loss and weight loss progress is not a scale-driven activity.  Here is how to measure progress while pursuing body change.

The First Step To Keeping Sanity While Measuring Body Change: Measure Activity Goals

In the conversation above I asked Laura if she had been doing her cardio, drinking her protein shakes and eating her snacks.  Since successful and healthy fat loss and weight loss are contingent upon doing the right things, measure your progress based upon what you are doing. 

It is amazing what can happen when the body gets WHAT it needs WHEN it needs it.  It is easy to keep your sanity by measuring what you are doing for your body and when you are doing it.  If your mid-morning snack consists of you eating the right food at the right time, you are winning!

In this ebook we will teach you what to eat and when!  We will provide a chart to help you measure your progress on your activity goals. 

The Second Step To Keeping Your Sanity While Measuring Body Change: Let the Clothes and the Mirror Tell You How You are Doing

I am sure you noticed that I asked Laura how her clothes were fitting her.  Clothes are a great truth teller.  If we are losing inches around the waist (or in the arms, or around the thighs), our clothes are the first ones to tell us.  Look for that progress, then celebrate when your jeans require the assistance of a tighter slot in your belt!

The mirror can also be a great tool for determining progress.  "Adam, I have shoulders!" my client Sarah exclaimed recently.  "You've always had shoulders," I told her.  "No, you don't understand," she said. "When I look in the mirror, I have shoulders now.  I'm not round any more in my shoulders!  I have some definition coming in!"

The mirror can help us to see if we have lost half a chin and are more firm in an area or two.  The mirror can be a great tool, accurately displaying progress that a scale can miss.  However, it is important to know yourself when it comes to using a mirror.  If you are one of those people who have a difficult time with body image and honest visual feedback, the mirror can be a very difficult tool to use successfully.  If you are confident of your ability to use the mirror for a realistic tool to measure body change, be sure to use it.  If you are unsure of your ability to use the mirror to accurately assess your body, refrain from using it as a guide for your progress.

For many of you, the way your clothes fit and the image the mirror displays will more accurately pinpoint progress in body change than a scale ever could.

The Third Step To Keeping Your Sanity While Measuring Body Change: Reacquire the "Look What I Can Do" Mentality

Every time I see my 5 year-old nephew, he is showing me all the new stuff he can do.  "Look what I can do, Uncle Adam," he'll yell as he tempts fate with his latest daredevil feat (like jumping up and hitting a leaf on a tree, running fast in a circle, things like that).  He's cute.

Sadly, most people miss significant progress points with their body change because they fail to recognize...... IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO READ THE REST OF THIS SECTION, THE EBOOK IS RIGHT FOR YOU!!!!


Adam Erwin is a personal trainer (with a nutrition background) who travels the world working with people who want to experience fat loss and weight loss in record-time. He currently resides in Minneapolis, MN and loves to train with people whose health does not match their lifestyle. Adam works closely in the Eden Prairie, Wayzata, Excelsior, Minnetonka, and Edina communities.  Visit to learn more about his work.