A Minneapolis-Based Personal Trainer Speaks Out About: Antioxidants

What Antioxidants Do...

As I write this I'm sitting poolside at my place in Minneapolis, MN, eating an apple. I reach for the last slice of the apple and notice how brown it has become. The oxygen in the air has been advancing its decay before my very eyes. Oxidation can be a quick process!

When I worked in the nutrition field, it became evident to me very quickly that few people truly understand what antioxidants do, they just know that antioxidants need to be part of the supplemental program. Antioxidants, by and large, address the cells in the body that are actively decaying. It's like restoring the part of the apple that has turned brown. That's what antioxidants do.

Keeping cells healthy and young is the job of antioxidants. Skin cells, organ cells, every cell. With the amount of aging/decaying agents we bring into our bodies on a daily basis (through foods, chemicals in the air, etc.), antioxidants such as Coenzyme Q-10, quercitin, and the superstar alpha lipoic acid are worth considering as we age.

AdamErwin is a personal trainer who travels the world working with people who want to experience fat loss and weight loss in record-time. He currently resides in Minneapolis, MN and loves to train the great folks in the Lake Minnetonka area. Visit www.keepyourbetterhalf.com to learn more about his work.